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And then there was light

For life to emerge from the brush, it takes a story to move it, a saying to guide the way.

Angeliki Angelidis paints in her own, innate way, stories inspired by Korea and, in her first solo exhibition, shares them with the general public at the Athens Municipality Arts Centre. In her large canvases, she attempts to illuminate elements of Asian tradition, next to those of Greek.

It is a personal osmosis, a journey that carries symbols, colours and patterns from Korea, everything that fascinates her, and what she feels constitutes the “myth” of the Asian country.

Her painting voyage, entitled “And then there was light”, has double significance: on the one hand, it demonstrates the beginning of the artistic act, as the light and its absence –the shadow– contribute to painting, while, at the same time it echoes the metaphysical breath that inspired her works (a phrase taken from Old Testament, Genesis 1–3).


Angeliki Angelidis

In the first person

A big part of myself resides in marketing, management and the beauty industry, areas which I have studied and become active in. The remaining part of myself, I found in painting. At Vakalo College, the first thing I learned is that painting consists of light and shadow. You can capture everything by mimicking light and shadow. Personally, I found my artistic expression in bright colors. I carried my soul in the creation of large colorful canvases.

My mentor in this quest has been Spyros Antonellos. Studying the History of Art, I found myself attracted to Asian cultures and, especially to the –almost unknown to us Greeks– great culture of Korea.

In the exhibition you will not see the pale colors of Oriental art or women with traditional clothing and hairstyles that look towards the East. I present stories, proverbs and sayings of Korea, as they were imprinted through my own Greek point of view.

I have created works with elements of Korean history and culture, tied to corresponding Greek elements, and from this fusion the colorful and vivid stories that I want to tell have emerged.

Angeliki Angelidis, known to the public as “Cheonsa”, paints stories inspired by Korea in her own unique and genuine way.